Essential Foods For Your Gluten-Free Pantry

When you’re eating gluten-free, it’s important to have a well-stocked pantry. Otherwise, unexpected guests or coming home hungry and wanting dinner now, or simple, human cravings can have you throwing up your hands in despair. “Fine, we’ll order in pizza!”

If you don’t want that to happen, you need to be prepared with a well-stocked pantry. You should have all the ingredients for a delicious, gluten-free meal on hand whenever needed.
Most people turn to food for emotional comfort some times. That’s fine, as long as the comfort is healthful and nourishing.

For a quick breakfast when you are in a hurry, keep a container of gluten-free buckwheat on hand. Try it with a poached egg to get your going in the morning. Have gluten-free bread on hand for a satisfying sandwich at lunch.

For a tasty dinner, make sure you have plenty of gluten-free flours, brown rice, gluten-free corn tortillas to prepare meat and vegetable dishes. Snacks can be tough. When kids come home from school and bring their friends, you need to have a plan. Be prepared to serve up popcorn, gluten-free crackers, and cheese, trail mix, or banana slices with peanut butter at a moment’s notice.

Necessary Foods in Your Pantry In addition to fresh produce and lean meats and fish, there are certain items that should always be on your shelves. You will note that many of them are for seasoning and elevating a dish when cooking. You really should never be without:

Rice, quinoa, and potatoes
High-Quality olive oil and other oils, such as coconut oil.
Many different types of gluten-free flours
A few high-quality kinds of vinegar
A variety of lentils and bean, preferably the dry kind
A variety of broths, such as beef, and chicken, preferably homemade
A variety of nuts and seeds
A variety of spices to liven up your dishes
Fresh herbs
Sour cream
Parmesan cheese
Yogurts (read labels prior to purchasing)
Cans of tuna fish
Dried mushrooms
Canned tomatoes
Fire-roasted tomatoes and chilis for added heat

There are many other foods that can make it into your kitchen, but these essentials should enable you to prepare a healthful, gluten-free meal at any time.